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The Gift of Values

The Gift of Values ~ Volume One and Two, now available in hard back edition, are the first two books in a series of four, written to encourage parents in the vital and challenging task of imparting true values to their children.

Volume One looks at six values: Honesty Right Attitudes Courage Perseverance Diligence Obedience

Under each value, there are stories, thought-provoking questions, inspirational quotes, Scriptures, practical and creative things to do, Boom clips ( a glimpse into my family!) and ideas for books you can read or movies to watch which will help to illustrate the value.

I’ve written it as a tool that parents can use during family devotions, or any teaching moments you have with your children.

Volume Two covers the following values: Generosity Encouragement Self-Control Compassion Patience Forgiveness

I hope The Gift of Values will encourage and inspire parents to pro-actively teach these values to their children. I have tried to make the books user-friendly – easy to read, and appealing to children of a range of ages. You can read the preface and first chapter on my web site, and also order online.

What parents are saying about The Gift of Values “What mother wouldn’t want this book? What mother doesn’t need this book?” ~ Mother of five. “This book is just fantastic – it is everything that I longed for as a young parent. Rosie Boom has produced an outstanding resource for parents. As a young mother, I spent many hours scouring bookshops and parenting magazines for help in creating family times with our children. I searched for material which taught Christian truths was inspirational and which captured the hearts of our youngsters. This book is what I was looking for. Put together with so much love and care, it will be treasured by parents everywhere. Rosie’s passion for educating children, her mother’s heart and her concern for her children’s character all shine through.

But most of all there is something for everyone. The background reading for parents, the stories, mottos, proverbs and sayings for children and the real-life examples from Rosie herself, all add up to a very special publication. I could not recommend this book more highly to all parents, whether Christian or not, who are committed to leaving their children a legacy of character and insight. Mary Grant; co-founder of Parents Inc and editor of Parenting Magazine NZ

“The Gift of Values has sparked my joy for teaching character-building devotions to my children, and has injected wonder and enthusiasm into the experience. Here is a tool that will help make these precious times even more memorable, fun-filled, and a real learning adventure. I appreciate the honest, real-life touches throughout the book. I’m certain that with the aid of this book, God will draw many little hearts even closer to Him.” Chris Bovill, mother of five and co-ordinator of HEART (Home Educators Annual Retreat) “What an awesome book. It is practical, honest, and contains such powerful keys to raising children in the ways of the Master. Rosie’s heart is poured out through this book, and the love and devotion she has for Jesus is contagious.

We highly recommend this excellent book for every one to read.”

Ian and Jane McCormack. Evangelists

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