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The Gold of Dawn

A snippet from Pastor Don’s message on Sunday: Time is our most valuable commodity. (Amen to that!!)

Billy Graham was once asked what he was most surprised by in life. He answered, “Its brevity.”

An older man gave this perspective in the Reader’s Digest on how he viewed time differently as he aged:

“Days were plentiful and cheap when I was young. Like penny candy. I always had a pocketful—and spent them casually. Now my supply is diminished, and their value has soared. Each one becomes worth its weight in the gold of dawn. Suddenly I live in unaccustomed thrift, cherishing hours the way lovers prize moments. Even at that, when the week is ended, it seems I’ve gone through another fortune. A day doesn’t go as far as it used to.”

I was thinking of the truth of that as I drove Sam to work early this morning and saw the beautiful gold of dawn. Each day is so precious!!!

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