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Two Strong Geese

My days have been so busy since Dad died. Penny, Peter and I are trying to pick up the hours that Dad used to spend with Mum, as well as continuing the times we were doing at the hospital. All our lives seemed to have been placed ‘on hold’ as we try and settle into a new routine that demands at least an extra 15 hours a week. I absolutely love spending the time with Mum. We talk and read, and watch movies together. Sometimes we head out into the sunshine with her wheelchair. But still, it is hard to keep up with schoolwork, meals, housework and all the other demands of a busy life with teenagers.

Yesterday I read a portion from my friend Annie Hamilton’s book God’s Panolpy that really spoke to me.

It tells of the habits of geese as they fly in formation – something which I myself have written about. But this passage touched me deeply.

When a bird is too old, infirm or injured to continue the migration, it will begin to lag and lose altitude. As it drops out, unable to keep abreast of the formation, two stronger geese will leave and begin to fly alongside it. Together, they’ll find a sheltered location near a pond or stream and settle down, providing food and protection for the bird in need until it recovers. Then they’ll all join another formation and head off.

If it dies, the two stronger birds will stay until the end, providing on-going comfort and nurture. Life is ‘on hold’ as far as they are concerned, just to care for the goose.


How wonderful! It describes perfectly what’s been happening with us. It painted a beautiful picture in my mind of Penny and I, the two stronger birds, nurturing and caring for Mum who is both old and infirm. What a wonderful place to be in! Never mind that our lives have been placed ‘on hold’ for a time. This is where we should be. Praise the Lord!

Rosie 24 October 2013

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