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Update on Where the Jungle Calls

Last week I vetted the final proofs of Where the Jungle Calls. It’s amazing how you can go over a manuscript with a fine tooth comb and completely miss the elephant in the room. (ie: the last three chapters void of illustrations! Thankfully, I had one last look at 11pm one night and suddenly spotted the elephant! Or in this case, the absence of drawings!) Frustrating, but I guess that’s what proofs are for. So, it was back to the printers with an updated manuscript. This means I’m going to miss my pre-Christmas deadline. But at least I won’t have 3,000 books with the last three chapters devoid of artwork. Apologies to all of you who have pre-ordered a book for Christmas. Watch this space…the shipping schedule will be tight, but you never know. If you’d like to pre-order a book, send me an email to with your name and postal address. And if you want the book signed, tell me the appropriate name! Then I’ll send the book out with details of payment as soon as the books arrive. First dibs!

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