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What is a Classic?

The definitions of a classic according to the Collins Dictionary are:


  1. of the highest class, esp in art or literature

  2. serving as a standard or model of its kind; definitive

  3. adhering to an established set of rules or principles in the arts or sciences   ⇒ a classic proof

  4. characterized by simplicity, balance, regularity, and purity of form; classical

  5. of lasting interest or significance

  6. continuously in fashion because of its simple and basic style   ⇒ a classic day dress


  1. an author, artist, or work of art of the highest excellence

  2. a creation or work considered as definitive

One of the above definitions of a ‘classic’ is that it holds lasting interest or significance. The email I received this morning certainly makes me hope that at some stage The Barn Chronicles will fall under that definition and will at least in one sense earn the classification as a classic. 🙂

Rosie ~ 19 November 2013

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