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What’s a Little Boy to Do?

Jacob cuddled beside me in bed, and we talked about his birthday. I could hardly believe that my baby was about to turn eight. He was so excited. The only problem was that by mistake I had said yes to speaking at a girls camp – I had thought it was on the Friday, but by the time I’d realised they’d booked me in to speak on the Thursday, it was too late to change it. And Thursday was my son’s birthday!! I explained what had happened to Jacob and said that we’d have a party the night before, and then open presents early in the morning before I had to leave. He thought about it for a moment and then said, “But mummy, what’s a little boy of eight to do on his birthday without his mummy?” Oh boy. I felt terrible. But there was no way out of it. Nevertheless, Jacob had a wonderful day! We opened presents and had a wonderful birthday cuddle, then I set off and left him to enjoy the day with the rest of his family. They went to the BMX track, the beach, and spent the night camping down by the river. Sometimes things don’t turn out exactly as we plan, but that’s ok.

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