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Where The Crickets Sing!!

Today I decided to bike down and get the mail early before the rain started, just in case the two advance copies of my next book might have arrived. And there they were!! I felt so nervous – I almost didn’t want to open the package. What if there was something terribly wrong with it? What if the cover hadn’t turned out right? What if…?

I fought my way through four layers of wrapping and there it was – the product of over eighteen months of work. Where the Crickets Sing. Book three of The Barn Chronicles.  And it looked good! In fact, it looked great!! What a relief. So now I will contact my printer and tell them to ship the books on out. They should be here May 1st. For those of you who want a copy and will be at HEART, you can get yours there. Or if any of you want it earlier, I’ll be taking email orders soon – will have to add on $4 postage though of course.

Anyway, just wanted to share the exciting news. I’ll definitely add another post later with more specific details.

The wind is howling around our house. I went out and cut some of my sunflowers because I was worried the gale force winds might destroy them. So their cheery faces are smiling at me now in the kitchen as if they’re sharing my excitement at the release of my book. 🙂

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